Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Introducing Bubba

We've always had cats. Unfortunately, my husband had become allergic to them, with itchy eyes and wheezing. So when our beloved cat Mickey died at age 18 I thought that was it and tried to reconcile myself to a catless home.

After about 6 months of grieving for Mickey the house just felt empty. Just out of desperation I went online and did a search for hypoallergenic cats, thinking there wasn't any such creature. I knew that the allergy-causing enzyme is in the cat's saliva and not related to his/her fur or dander so that the hairless cat, the Sphinx wouldn't work.

So, my search came up with a breed called the Siberian. (If you read my last blog entry you will get more info on that breed). They have only been in the USA since 1990 or so, having been imported from Russia.

I found a breeder in Georgia, the closest to Florida and we took a chance on one of her kittens. Sure enough, my husband had no problem with allergy symptoms. So we brought in an adorable 12 week old Brown Mackerel Tabby Siberian kitten. Since we knew he would become a large cat (14-20 lbs) and since we live in the South, we named him Bubba. Here he is at about 7 months old.

Well, I don't know if we were being paid back for calling him Bubba, but this guy was all play, all the time, and ROUGH! We soon realized that we couldn't keep up with him and would need to get him a companion.

Here's Bubba today...

My next blog entry will introduce Bunny, yes he is a cat and is definitely well named too.

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