Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Jewelry Models

I am making up a brochure to advertise my business. So I needed some doggy models to wear the dog and cat jewelry I made. Luckily, I live in an area where there are tons of pets and many owners who graciously loaned their babies to me for photos.

Here they are:

This is Hoover, a male Chinese Crested, wearing my cobalt blue Bone Tag and matching barrette. He was such a doll, just sitting up on his chair and actually seemed to be posing.

Gorgeous Lily, a female Husky/Schnauzer mix sporting her Hot Pink Barrette. She is a wild woman, racing around and bursting with joy. It wasn't easy to get her still enough to photograph.

My heart was absolutely stolen by Lilly, a 14 year old tiny Yorkie who just made me want to take her home. Here she is, absolutely rocking her Paw Charm Tag and Hot Pink Barrette.

And this is Lolli, a one year old Terrier Mix and ball of energy, wearing her Hot Pink Bone tag. We had to tire this little one out before even having a chance of getting a photo.
This is my own 5 year old Siberian cat Bubba, wearing his lookalike pierced sterling pendant. I couldn't believe I got him to actually wear it, but he was transfixed by a bird out of the window and didn't move.

Next week I am going to visit our daughter Lisa and my grand-dog Pomeranian, Teddy to get a photo of the two of them wearing matching Paw Charm necklaces. Stay tuned!

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