Saturday, January 21, 2012

Craft Room Organization

I need my space to be organized in order to work. The room that I use has a dual purpose, it has to be available for guests and it has to hold my many craft supplies. So here is how I organized my room.
This is where I store my beads. The blue drawers on the floor hold medium and large sized beads, shells, wooden beads and gemstone beads.

On both sides of the bookshelf top, (which has all my bead books and magazines), are smaller plastic drawer units for my seed beads. Each of these 7 separate units has 5 drawers (35 drawers in all), and I can add a five drawer unit as my collection of seed beads increases. I have also separated seed beads by size, with 11/0 in one drawer and 15/0, 8/0 and 6/0 in another.

In the center section of the bookshelf top, I keep all findings, divided by silver, gold, copper, brass.
Along a wall in the room is this bureau, which holds all my silversmithing tools, all my wire and beading thread, beading fabric and miscellaneous "stuff". I use the top of the bureau as a work station, although I also do a lot of work sitting on my living room couch. At the left of the bureau is a rolling cart which contains resin, color pigment for resin and resin molds.
 In front of the window is my sewing machine and bench. As you can see, the guest room part is the white wicker day bed, which has a pull out bed so two people can sleep comfortably. I like the day bed better than a convertable couch because there are two good quality mattresses. I still remember the days of sleeping on the bar of a pull-out sofa.

So that's my craft room. I'd love to see how you organize your space.


  1. Ah, a beader after my own heart. Organization (and a failing memory) are why I built my BeadEnCounter software. All the beads in my drawers and containers have numbers on the containers so I can look back in my software and see where I bought them and how much they cost, and most importantly, what they're made of! When I found myself confusing yellow glass and citrine beads I knew I had to do something! And it's on sale right now!


  2. I actually neglected to say that in my bookcase is a binder with all possible colors/finishes of seed beads so when I order I can mark which I have and which I have ordered (and when). Can you say OCD???

  3. Wow! So nice and organized! You are so the opposite of me in that category! lol

    1. Hey, whatever works,right? (insert smiley face here).