Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bubba the Kitten

This post has very little to do with making jewelry, but since he is my assistant beader, I thought I would introduce you to Bubba.

When our beloved Burmese cat Mickey died last year, I thought we wouldn't be able to get another cat. My husband's cat allergy had become progressively worse and I felt that it wasn't fair to him to continue this exposure.

On a whim, I googled "hypoallergenic cat" and was surprised to find a breed called the Siberian, who supposedly produced less of the allergenic protein in its saliva, and therefore did not aggrevate allergy symptoms.  Siberian cats come from Russia, where they were feral until the 1990's, when they began to be pets. They have only been in this country for a short time but are recognized as a purebred cat and are shown at cat shows.

I researched Siberian breeders and found quite a few in other states but didn't want to put a kitten through the stress of the cargo hold of an airplane. When I spoke with Lillian Narramore of Shadowlawn Siberian Cattery in Georgia, the problem was solved. Lillian is a flight attendant and was able to bring the kitten with her in the plane.

So that is how Bubba came to be a member of our family. This is him in his (still) favorite positions.

We got Bubba at 12 weeks of age, a sweet-natured little guy, very playful, and even better he has not caused any allergy symptoms in my husband. We didn't know what to name this little one, and people suggested giving him a Russian name, like Nikita. But you know. he just didn't seem to fit a Russian name, and knowing that he was going to be a big guy, (males reach 16 to 20 lbs.), and because we are now southerners, my husband suggested Bubba.

He quickly grew into his name and now, at 10 months of age, weighs 12 lbs. But he is still a kitten, racing around the house and catching the occasional bug that gets into our lanai. What makes him unique is the chirping sound he makes instead of "meow". It is funny to hear a tiny little trill coming from this big body.

 He follows me all around the house like a dog. He hides behind corners and from a sitting position, jumps up into the air, sometimes as high as 4 feet.

He allows us to brush him, which we do daily, and though he rarely sheds, his fur is fine like a rabbits and will mat. He allows me to brush his teeth daily, although he isn't crazy about it. At 10 months he is still as goofy and funny as he was when we got him.

And what has this to do with my beading? Bubba naps for hours every afternoon, taking a break from play so mommy can do her thing. What a good boy!


  1. Bubba is such a cute kitten, my sister had a big male cat named Tubbbs with 3 b's because he was so large and tall for a cat. He was just a mix of some kind but a lot of fun. People would ask why the 3 b's and we would say just look at him.

    1. I love the three b's, what a great idea, Bubbba?

  2. Holy Cat Batman! LOL Karen, he's going to be huge! Crazy! So glad you chose to get another fur baby. The home just isn't the same without a little critter to love, is it?

    Hope your day is fantastic!