Friday, February 10, 2012

Tom Brady the Kitten

If there is one thing I love as much as beading, it is cats. So when I found a stray lying outside a local Beef O'Brady's I went over to it. This small cat was relaxing on his side and allowed me to approach and pet him. Well, that is like waving a red flag to a bull and I had to prevent him from getting hit by a car in the adjoining parking lot.

Just then, a woman came over with a can of cat food and said she had been feeding him every day for three months. She loved him but couldn't take him home because she has a sick 10 year old cat.

My poor husband is severely allergic to cats although he loves them and has made the best of it for 20 years. Our current cat, Bubba, whom I have posted on before, is hypoallergenic, which is the only way we can have a cat.

So I brought this grey tabby home and put him on our lanai (a screened in porch for those of you not familiar with the term). I figured it would be easy to place him with one of the local pet shelters. WRONG! They were all full and having difficulty placing cats. In the meantime, I had him neutered, immunized, treated for fleas, tested for feline leukemia (negative) and heart worm (also negative).

The Vet tech named him: Since he was a male, she named him Tom and since he was found outside Beef O'Brady's, Tom Brady. I thought it was a stroke of genius.

Fortunately, one of the local rescues suddenly placed 7 cats in one week and took Tom and today I received the best news. He is in a loving home with an elderly gentleman who recently lost his cat and was wanting another. This gentle kitty now has a forever home and I am so happy.

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