Friday, May 27, 2016

The Making of a Video

Karen D'Andrea

They make it seem so easy in the movies. The plot unfurls, one scene seamlessly follows another until the conclusion wraps it all up. So how hard could it be, right?

Take two "older" women, add an IPhone 6 (one of us is still using a flip phone), and how hard can it be to take an 8 hour process and squeeze it into a minute or two?

Patting myself on the back with my great organizational skills, I divided the process into 5 sections: Intro and patterning; using the jeweler's saw; soldering; sanding and finishing; and showing the finished work. That's where the fun began....

Memorizing a script for a 60-something - not gonna happen. So write it down on a LARGE white board, OK done. Then, how do you read it while looking at the camera? My cross-eyed cat could do it (if he could read), but not I. So you end up looking like one of those 1950's black cat clocks, back and forth, back and forth.

Casting in the movies is done by having multiple actors try out for a particular part, the best one chosen for the role.

I cast myself in this video, having no choice really, and prayed that my New York accent wouldn't be too obvious. (One of my neighbors said she couldn't hear it, isn't she nice?).

So after two days of, repeat same section, film, repeat same section (you get the idea), we have 5 nice sections ready to splice together (for those of you who remember when film was really film and you had to put it in the splicer).

Only today, there's no film and "putting it together" goes over both our heads. Luckily, there's Google. Found a nice gentleman, Chris, in England who could do it inexpensively. After repeatedly instructing me how to send it to "the Cloud" (really?), it reached him.

His first response, "You filmed it vertically and need to do it again horizontally for a more professional appearance", resulted in two old women lying on the floor laughing hysterically (or as you younger folk say, lmao). That wasn't gonna happen.

The finished product looks great to me, vertical and all. It was a great experience, but I don't think I will be going there again real soon.

You can this this prize work at the bottom of my home page at

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