Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Workspace

Overview of Work Room 
 I am always curious about the spaces that beaders and silver workers use to create their

My work space is my favorite room in the house, dedicated to designing and crafting and doubling as a spare bedroom for visitors. I haven't killed anyone yet with poisonous fumes because living in Florida I do all my soldering and polishing outside on the lanai.

The work bench is an old wood bedroom bureau with wide drawers filled with silversmithing tools and with my bench pin attached at one end conveniently close to my Flex Shaft drill.
Work Bench

On the wall between my bench and my bead storage is a gorgeous Guatemalan wall hanging that I brought back from a trip there and which I used to inspire my Guatemala cuff bracelet (available in my shop).

The wall also holds the two awards I received from the Fire Mountain Gems contest, one for my Butterfly Kaleidoscope Collar Necklace (sold) and one for my Melting Collar Necklace (available in my shop). I am very proud of these because both photos were used as back covers of beading magazines and one of them was used on the back of a Russan magazine.

Lastly, I am including two photos of some work in progress on my bench. The first is 5 pairs of Sterling Silver earrings awaiting polishing and ear wires and the second is my beading tray with a partially finished Sterling Pendant frame and some Malachite and Amethyst cabochons. I am waiting for some sterling bezels before soldering the gems to the sterling.

I hope you enjoyed this short peek into my work space and I would love to see your comments. Thanks for visiting today. Karen

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